The old business expression “let the buyer beware” was turned on its head by Armstrong’s founder, instead opting for five simple words  “let the buyer have faith”, a belief that the company has followed for over 150 years to prove itself worthy of customer faith and integrity in every relationship.

Armstrong World Industries are widely recognised as a world leader in the manufacture and marketing of acoustical ceilings and suspension systems for commercial and residential applications, with 42 factories in 12 countries and world-wide employees currently surpassing 15,000.

Armstrong is responsible for manufacturing one of the most widely used ceiling products in the world today, the super high quality ‘Dune’ ceiling tile, which is a tried and tested combination of natural, processed and recycled materials.

Technical innovation is only half of Armstrong’s appeal. They have turned the humble suspended ceiling into a design feature that contributes to the elegance, style and extravagance of your space. From curved canopies to ultra-smooth suspended ceiling tiles, we’ll help you realise your design ambitions with the help of Armstrong suspended ceilings.