Casala are known primarily for contract furniture. Furniture to be deployed where design is to prove its functional worth for example churches, at offices, universities, government agencies and care centres.

To Casala, functionality means that user convenience and design are already incorporated in the very first drafts.

That’s how Curvy came into being, a favourite chair that can be coupled within seconds and can be stacked no less than forty-five chairs high through a 2 metre doorway. Where do Casala get the ideas to develop furniture like this? From the customers of course, their questions help to inform the design of many of their most successful pieces.

Casala products comply with the latest European environmental standards, ranging from the reduction of formaldehyde emissions to the use of recycled materials. Recognising that the best way to avoid creating more waste is to create more sustainable products, many Casala items are still being used almost seventy years later.