For Desso, the vision is simple. As a supplier of carpets to both the commercial and consumer sectors, they see it as their obligation to develop products that are not only environmentally responsible but also contribute to the health and wellbeing of everybody who uses them.

Their creative carpet design and service oriented approach has allowed Desso to become a world leader in developing solutions for all manner of institutions from cruise ships and car showrooms, to banks and universities.

Examples of the company’s relentless pursuit of functionality and innovation can be seen in any one of their unique patented products, such as the Desso AirMaster®, which achieves 8 times lower fine-dust concentration in the air (versus hard floors).

Desso products are specifically designed to be disassembled after the end of their life and the materials then reused or recycled. This process is in line with their industry leading standards of environmental responsibility and product design.