Design and innovation have been at the heart of Guialmi for over 40 years. Specialising in the development of some of the most unique and inventive furniture solutions in the industry, Guialmi are proud to be responsible for helping to shape the future of furniture. This has been made possible through a combination of spectacular collaborations with international designer and the hard work of its 150 dedicated staff.

State of the art technology at their 20,000 sq. industrial area situated in Ɓgueda, Portugal, drives the production and manufacture of products ranging from storage cabinets, tables and desks, blocks, screens, partitions, shelving and more.

Suitable for offices, meeting rooms, libraries or any open spaces in need of a creative injection, Guialmi has been collaborating with renowned international designers such as Antonio Flores, Isabella Steffan and Paolo Favaretto for the past 15 years.

According to Guialmi, the products created through these collaborations are part of a differentiation in design, paving the way with the finishes, materials and processes that are used.