We spend our lives in three places. The ‘first place’ is the home. The ‘second place’ is our work, and the ‘third place’ is where we go for leisure.

The aim at Sedus is to capture the stimulation of the senses which people find in their place of leisure and recreate it in the office. This ambitious philosophy is achieved by offering office furniture that is made exclusively to order and is therefore individually tailored to customers’ requirements.

Every one of their products is available in millions of technical and visual variations, from desking and storage units, to office seating and break-out furniture. They call this holistic design concept ‘Place 2.5 – the new emotional office culture.’

With a history that goes back over 140 years, Sedus have demonstrated that they are a serious global player, whose products and influence continually redefine the concept of aesthetic office furniture, giving a unique and timeless quality to the modern office environment.