Steelcase produce cutting-edge office furniture. They are an international company with locations and manufacturing facilities across the world.

As the workplace changes so too does the way in which office furniture is developed and designed. Steelcase design furniture for the modern working environment. An example of Steelcase’s innovative office furniture is the Ology desk which can be set to five different heights to help encourage office workers to change their posture throughout the day. They are also one of the first manufacturers to introduce the option of antimicrobial technology on their desks. This new technology is designed to try and reduce the spread of germs in the workplace. It can stop the growth of bacteria and other moulds on the desk surface.

Steelcase offer a huge range of truly ground-breaking office furniture from their height adjustable Ology desk range to lounge and reception furniture, desk dividers, seating and meeting furniture. They are dedicated to helping organisations use space more efficiently and people work more comfortably.