Style Partitions specialise in supplying, installing, and servicing room partitions. Since 1999, their UK based in-house design team has developed the best solutions to sub-divide your space. From ground-breaking fully-automatic movable walls, housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity, to glass, and sliding-folding partitions.

No matter your budget, Style Partitions will provide technical support, design guidance, and products which are, arguably, unrivalled in the sector. Their effortlessly movable large wall panels weigh up to 50 per cent less than conventional acoustic movable walls. While their Moveo® Glass innovation allows natural light into partitioned rooms without compromising acoustic integrity.

Whether you require acoustic sound absorption boards, projection services or quick-and-easy multi-roll partitions to split your space, Style Partitions will deliver. Their seven gold and five silver awards at the FIS Contractor Awards guarantee it.