6 Inspiring Trends From The London Design Festival 2016




As expected, September’s 13th annual London Design Festival was a treasure trove of interior design and creative ideas to inspire…

If you’re anything like us, you take notice when London showcases itself as the design capital of the world, as it does every year with this special festival. With over 400 events and exhibitions to admire from Friday 16th to Saturday 24th September 2016, don’t worry if you missed it, here’s your round up of the stand-out trends.

1. Incorporate plants wherever you can


They’re important to our health and wellbeing, you might have seen us champion urban green spaces and the humble plant before. Well, London Design Festival 2016 got in on the action in more ways than one.

Inspired by the Japanese phrase ‘shinrin yoko’ (forest bathing), architect Asif Khan created three greenhouse-like gardens in the middle of the streets of Shoreditch, London. His Mini Living Forests encouraged office workers, commuters and everyone else to catch a quiet moment. So not only were they beautiful places, but they brought strangers together in a powerful way.

In fact, biophilia (the bond between people and plants) was a recurring theme at London Design Festival 2016. From plant imagery on textiles to palm tree floor lamps with hanging coconuts for lightbulbs in the jungle-themed paradise pop-up at London’s Hoxton Hotel.

Could you incorporate greenery into your home or workplace?

2. Encourage people to relax

London Design Festival 2016 encouraged visitors to slow down and enjoy the quiet in a myriad of ways. But our Audio Visual designers were particularly fascinated by Benjamin Hubert’s 20-metre long undulating Foil installation – which lit up Victoria & Albert Museum’s medieval tapestry room with 50,000 stainless steel triangles.

He described the effect as ‘a little bit like taking a disco ball, peeling it like an orange, laying it out flat and rippling it’.

3. Opt for oxidised metal finishes


Did London Design Festival 2016 call time on incorporating gold and copper elements into interiors? They certainly celebrated furniture and accessories made of oxidised metal, like Alessandro Zambelli’s puzzle-like Marque Collection, which develops an attractive patina finish.

4. Transform your lampshades into design features


Changing your lampshade is an easy way to update your space. London Design Festival 2016 was all about textured lampshades made of everything from feathers, chainmail and brass, to copper, terracotta and hand-blown glass. You would even have found sanded ash or copper models, inspired by jewellery and created to look like over-sized earrings.

5. Experiment with indulgent fabrics

Thinking of creating a soft seating break out area? Upholster your furniture in rich deep velvet or soft leather furniture. The festival showcased some incredible pieces, covered in chenille, watercolour prints, linen, wools and embroidery. From patterned numbers to shocking scarlet, which was as impactful as you’re imagining. If you like the sound of that, ask us about Camira Fabrics

6. Rethink how you organise your living and workspaces

We’re incredibly proud of our unique storage solutions at Ultimate which maximise a space to its full potential. But even we were impressed with the Bare Minimum exhibition. Upstairs Studiomania, Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama were given just 13 square metres to create an interior scheme, and so they did, with integrated furniture elements that made the space look and feel much bigger than it actually was.

Every image is copyright The London Design Festival used via their website.

Posted September 29, 2016

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