AOL gives it’s offices a new look



Media giant AOL has just unveiled the design of their new offices in San Francisco. We’re really impressed by the design; the original interior of the building was very drab and dull but has been transformed by stripping it back to reveal original industrial features like ceiling works and concrete floors. Several walls have been painted with whiteboard paint so that staff can draw out their ideas on them – an interesting idea – we’ll have to see if it catches on! Interestingly, an important element of the design brief for the interior was to encourage staff to socialise. They’ve tried to achieve by incorporating dual-function areas; the idea being that staff can eat their lunch in a ‘central breakout area’ that can also be used for meetings, presentations or talks. We’re always picking up on ideas like these to try and incorporate into our clients’ requirements – maybe you’ll see some of our Leeds office furniture in some fit outs like these soon!

Posted October 21, 2011

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