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We’ve just read a very interesting article on the website Spine Health, offering advice on getting the most out of an ergonomic office chair.

As you may already know, sitting on an office chair for long periods of time can not only make back problems worse, it can also cause problems to develop. Back pain that results from sitting for long periods is a ‘static posture’ that increases stress that is put on the back. When we sit still for any length of time, the stress in the back, arms, legs and shoulders increases and leads to increased pressure on the back muscles and spinal discs.

For an ergonomic office chair to work properly, it must be adjusted correctly to suit your individual proportions

Unfortunately, when most of us sit an office chair, we tend to slouch over or down without even realising it; this posture can lead to an overstretch in the spine’s ligaments, resulting in strain in the discs and surrounding areas. When a slouching posture is regularly adopted, damage to the spine can be caused, resulting in back pain.

When used correctly, an ergonomic office chair can help to improve sitting posture whilst offering maximum back support. However, for an ergonomic office chair to work properly, it must be adjusted correctly to suit your individual proportions.

When setting up an ergonomic office chair, you should begin by making sure the chair is set at the correct height and this will depend on the height of your desk, your height and the type of work that you do. show a very helpful diagram to show how the chair should be adjusted but it’s important to remember that no matter how comfortable or effective your ergonomic chair is, you’ll still need to get up and move around occasionally! The best way to avoid keeping your spine in the same position for too long tis to get up and walk around at least once every half an hour – even if it’s just to visit the loo or make a cup of tea!

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Posted February 4, 2014

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