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New Graphic Installations at PH Media

We recently added some fabulous new graphic installations at the PH Media Manchester office. PH Media are a client we have worked closely with before. We carried out large refurbishment […]

Eating at Your Desk – Foods to Increase Productivity at Work

Recent research has suggested foods which can actually help improve your performance at work! Do you find yourself struggling to keep motivated after lunch? Low energy at work can affect […]

Pure Data Solutions Project

We recently completed an office redesign and refurbishment project at Pure Data Solutions in Leeds. Pure Data provide IT hardware, software and infrastructure solutions. We were tasked with converting an […]

Designing an Office for Profitability

When you think of the word office, what first springs to mind? Chances are you pictured a collection of neatly arranged desks, computer chairs and screens. Perhaps it was suspended […]

Meet the Apprentices – Rory

Today we are going back behind the scenes at Ultimate for the next instalment in our ‘Meet the Team’ series. This week it’s the turn of Rory Smith, our Contracts & […]

We’re Hiring!

Exciting news, we are hiring for a number of positions here at Ultimate! If you want to join the team and think you have the relevant skills that fit one […]

Women and Men May Feel Office Temperatures Differently

A recent study by two Dutch scientists has revealed that women may feel temperatures differently to men in the workplace. According to the paper women feel the cold easier! A […]

Features to Look out for in an Office Chair

Whatever office chair you choose and whatever the price, it needs to help you move freely and sit comfortably. We’ve explored some of the associated health risks of poor posture […]

What your office furniture says about you

The furniture that you choose for your company says a lot about the company as a whole. As well as creating the atmosphere in which you and your employees work, […]

Improving Posture in the Work Place

Sitting down is an inevitable part of everyone’s day, whether it’s in the car or at your desk in the office. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us won’t not be […]

Mercure Hotel Project – Sheffield Completed

We are excited to reveal that we have now fully completed the St Paul’s Mercure hotel in Sheffield city centre. Our brief was to completely refurbish 163 bedrooms in this […]

Ultimate Sense of Smell

At the beginning of June we looked at the role of music in the workplace, and how it has the potential to fulfil a range of important functions for employees. […]

Darlington Building Society Project -Middlesbrough

We were tasked with undertaking the refurbishment of the Middlesbrough branch of the Darlington Building Society. The project included a brand new entrance, counter section, customer area and customer pod […]

FREE No Obligation Offer from Ultimate!

The first step to embarking on a new project is always the hardest. Turning what is essentially a discussion or an idea into a reality can be daunting, not to […]

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race!

This week we have something a little bit out of the ordinary to share with you. Part fancy dress pageant, part gruelling 2.4 mile time trial, The Great Knaresborough bed […]

Bizzie Lizzie’s – Fish and Chip Shop

We were approached by the owners of Bizzie Lizzie’s Fish and Chip shop after someone recommended us to them. We designed and created a brand new café style eating area […]

Meet the Team – Mark Hickey

We are going back behind the scenes at Ultimate for the next installment in our ‘Meet the Team’ series. This week it is the turn of Mark Hickey, one of our […]

Music in the workplace?

World Music Day. A day where over 100 countries come together to host a series of free music events for members of the public to enjoy. On the 21st June, […]

The Psychology of Colour

Have you ever felt a sense of anxiety in a yellow room? Does the colour blue make you feel relaxed and at peace? Perhaps like many, you’ve never really considered […]

Luxury Mercure Hotel Edges Closer to Completion

Some of you may remember we posted in February about a project we were very excited about indeed. One that would require immense planning and logistics, and would no doubt […]

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