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Office Space in the UK is Declining

Office space in the UK is declining. A survey carried out by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) found that the availability of office space across the country has […]

The Office is Changing – Trends to Look Out for in 2015

If you were to go back just 10 years, the office would be a very different place to what it is today. A combination of relentless advancements in technology, and […]

St Paul’s Mercure Hotel Project Sheffield

Here at Ultimate we have a very exciting project to reveal to you. Three weeks ago we began a prestigious project to refurbish all of the 163 bedrooms in the […]

St Philips Chambers Project

Here at Ultimate we work with a huge range of clients, from schools and restaurants to public service institutions and office workplaces. The work we carry out depends entirely on […]

Office Blocks Given Grade 2 Listing by English Heritage

Fourteen post-war office buildings have been listed by the English Heritage. Located in cities across England the new additions were built between 1964 and 1984. The listing means that they […]

The Rebirth of the Private Office Space – An Introvert Perspective

There are two types of people in this world, the loud and proud extroverts and the quietly confident introverts. A common misconception in today’s society is that introverted individuals are […]

Popular Minecraft Game Being Used to Teach in Schools

Can a video game really be used to teach children in schools? Absolutely, say Minecraft developer Mojang. If you are yet to come across Minecraft, the basic principles of the […]

Luminous Carpets – A New Innovation

In this industry, we are always on the lookout for the coolest new furniture or the craziest new office designs. Over the years we have seen some fantastic interior innovations, […]

Steel City Sheffield Gets another Slice of Culture

Sheffield, the great steel city of the North has come a long way from its characteristic industrial roots. Once internationally renowned for being a powerhouse of steel production, the 21st […]

The Whole Package for Elopak

It’s always exciting for us here at Ultimate when we get the opportunity to work on large projects like this one. Elopak came to us requiring a full Turn-Key Design […]

Olive Tree Preston – A Mediterranean Makeover

Here at Ultimate we are proud to announce the completion and opening of the Olive Tree Brasserie Restaurant & Bar, bringing a little piece of the Mediterranean to the city […]

Desk Sharing, Germ Sharing?

Germs are everywhere. It is a fact of life. Although not all germs are bad, they can thrive on lots of different surfaces, including desks. According to research carried out […]

The 3 Day Working Week, Would it Work?

Mexican billionaire tycoon Carlos Slim has called for an end to the standard 9 to 5, 5 days a week routine, in favour of a shorter 3 day week. But how […]

Steelcase Ology Desk Comes With Health Benefits

Steelcase have introduced a unique desk system that can be altered to allow you to sit and stand during your working day. The Ology desk can be set at five […]

The Benefits of Well-designed Learning Spaces

When it comes to planning the design of learning spaces it is vital that the people who will be using the space are kept in mind. An article published online […]

Can a messy desk lead to increased creativity?

Office space or working environment can affect productivity. But can having a messy desk actually make you more creative? Author Eric Abrahamson who co-wrote ‘A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits […]

Independent Hotel Show 2014

Last week we exhibited at the Independent Hotel Show as part of Formation alongside Curveline Design, Skopos, Tektura, Protocol, Wilton Carpets and Interface. Formation is an innovative venture set up […]

Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre Wins RIBA Stirling Prize 2014

The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool has won this year’s RIBA Stirling Prize for the best new building. The award is one of the most prestigious awards in British architecture and […]

Green Offices More Productive Than ‘Lean’ Spaces

Does your office have any greenery or plants? A recent study found that offices with plants can boost productivity by a staggering 15%. The research compared a number of offices […]

Is time up for the office cubicle?

The office cubicle was invented in the United States around 50 years ago and office designers across the pond are still very fond of the idea of putting office workers into cubicles.

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