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If you go down to the woods today

The Office in the Woods by Selgascano has got to be one of the most intriguing office designs we’ve ever seen. Taking the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors to […]

Elegant lounge seating by Hands of Wycombe

We love the design of the Verdi range of lounge seating by Hands of Wycombe. Available in both single and double seat modules, Verdi seats can be added to Hands’ […]

Make a statement with an eye-catching office carpet

If when you think of office carpets you think of harsh brown nylon carpet tiles it’s time to think again! We love using bold carpet designs in our office fit […]

Changing your office layout but don’t know where to begin?

If you’ve been asked to sort out the layout in your office, the chances are you may be experiencing something of a sinking feeling at the prospect of what might […]

The pros and cons of working from home

With one in seven of us now working from home – a total of around 4 million people – the question arises as to which is the best place to […]

The floor tiles designed to keep the lights on

Human footsteps could play a part in solving the world’s energy problems, thanks to an energy saving floor tile, designed for use in offices, shops and public buildings. The floor […]

Campus-style offices: the future of office design?

The latest trend in the world of office architecture seems to be the design of low-rise office buildings, more reminiscent of university campuses than traditional office blocks. Seen as a […]

Choosing the right colour for the office is not as simple as black and white

Over the years many studies have been carried out into how office design can be used to influence things such as productivity and staff morale. The use of colour in […]

The school designed to make waves

Now this has got to be the most unusual design for a school that we’ve ever seen! The prototype design for a floating school in Makoko, in Lagos, Nigeria, has […]

Pupils learn whether it’s best to stand or sit in the classroom

Further to our recent blog post on the potential benefits of standing at work, children at a West Yorkshire primary school have taken part in an innovative study to find […]

The Venus tub chair from Allermuir

We’ve long been big fans of Allermuir office furniture and love the design of their Venus tub chair. The compact size and neat design means makes it ideal for a […]

Feeling tired and stressed? Plants in the office could be the answer…

Adding a little greenery to the office is not just a great way to brighten up your office environment – having plants in the office has been proven to bring […]

Could you stand an office without chairs?

As regular readers of our blog will know, we’ve often commented on the importance of ergonomic office chairs and the need to sit correctly whilst working at a desk. However, […]

Looking for a new look for the office? New office flooring can make all the difference!

Installing new office flooring is a great way to completely change the look of an office or breathe new life into a tired, lacklustre office interior. Whether you decide to […]

There’s more to office design than meets the eye…

If you’re thinking of an office re-fit or office re-design, there’s a whole lot more to think about than new furniture and maybe a few changes to the layout. When […]

Office fit out projects in Manchester

Here at Ultimate Office we’ve undertaken a number of very successful office fit outs in Manchester, covering a projects for a diverse range of companies from offices on Trafford College’s […]

Innovative design from Boss

We often talk about the importance of breakout and relaxation areas in an office environment and with this in mind; we’re particularly impressed with the design of the Cega chair […]

Open plan office vs enclosed office

Following on from our previous blog post, it appears that the debate on open plan offices vs enclosed offices is still raging! We’ve read with great interest an article on […]

Our office design predictions for 2014

It’s always fun to speculate on what the next trends in office design might be and here at Ultimate Office Solutions we thought we’d share a few of our predictions […]

La Feria restaurant fit-out In Harrogate

Following a successful design, tender & a fast track fit out the Spanish restaurant ‘La Feria’ was able to serve its first customers with its speciality, free-range rotisserie chicken infused […]

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