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Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson is a doctoral candidate in informatics and has recently researched about using sound to influence experiences and behaviours within the modern office. With Edsbyn, Martin has developed the Sound Bubble 2.0 which was showcased at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2018. This project aims to answer the question; is it possible to add sound to reduce stress and improve the ability to concentrate in the workplace? Open offices are perfect to create more togetherness and collaboration however increased noise levels can be an issue. In their research, the issue is addressed through personalised dynamic sound environments. The prototype presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair showed how sound technology can be implemented in furniture, using Edsbyn’s ‘Resolve Play’ sofa.


With Sound Bubble, you can design your own personal sound environment using a phone app, so for example if you want to become more focused, calming sounds can be played to you when you are seated in the chair to enable you to become more relaxed as a result. The sound bubble interacts with other audio bubbles so enables several people in each sound bubble to get their sound environments adapted together with each user hearing the same sounds.

The Sound Bubble 3.0 has now been created and enables the user to let their body control the sound environment within the bubble. Using the app showcased in 2008, the user can now access their own data to see how their body is reacting and gives an overview of your body values and stress levels. The prototype is looking to use bracelets to measure your body’s reactions, so the chair will then produce sounds that will assist with your mood, for example; if you are feeling agitated or stressed, the sounds will be played to calm you down and hopefully change your mood making you feel more relaxed. You will be able to view the readings on the app and see how the changes affect your body. My Soundspace is due to be released to purchase between 2020/2021, a fantastic product to encourage staff wellbeing within the busy working office.



Posted September 24, 2019

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