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Established in 1963, Pedrali is a family owned company based in Mornico al Serio in Italy. The building of the headquarters is as much a piece of product design as it is a piece of architecture. They produce contemporary designed furniture for public spaces, offices and homes and are a member of the Association of the Industrial Design. The collection is the result of knowledgeable industrial designed products made of plastic, metal, wood and upholstered materials and from the sourcing of certified raw materials. Pedrali have even opened a dedicated wood production factory so everything is really produced in Italy!

They are a collaboration of numerous designers that have helped to achieve fashionable and innovative designs. All production of materials is based in Italy with an international market which reaches over 100 countries worldwide. Pedrali produces a wide range of products including chairs, stools, pedestals, surface tops, lighting and many more items within their product range which can be specified with a range of colours, upholstery and finishes.


Pedrali produces low to no waste; the plastic furniture is made using premium raw materials, are recyclable and eco-compatible. The Polypropylene products are 100% recyclable and commitment to environmental sustainability is a main value of Pedrali which is a vital factor in today’s growing concern with pollution and waste. During the production process, specific attention is paid to the materials used, raw material consumption, waste management and emissions control and all products are designed to be disassembled and brought back again to mono-material elements.

In 2017 they took a further step towards environmental sustainability using plant-derived water-based paints. This allows Pedrali to keep a high-quality standard whilst there is a substantial decrease in volatile organic compounds. These paints are non-flammable so in result cause less air pollution.

Pedrali features in many amazing global businesses. Some include the Google campus in Dublin, Microsoft House in Milan, The Dorchester in London, the Kanazawa Umimiria library in Japan and products can even be found at the Van Cleef & Arpel’s Boutique situated in fifth avenue in New York. To view products from Pedrali, please click here.

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Posted July 17, 2019

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