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Vinyl wallcoverings have become popular for use in many commercial settings due to their lifespan of at least 10 to 15 years, resistance to scratches, quickness and simplicity to apply and being easily disinfected enabling strong hygiene properties. No drying time is required for the wall covering and with it being odourless, rooms can be used instantly after installation. In addition, Vescom vinyl wallcoverings are created through an environmentally friendly production process and are fully recyclable.

vinyl wall coverings by Vescom

‘Barkley’ and ‘Grayson’ are the brand-new ranges from Vescom and are inspired by natural materials. Natural surfaces and colours are on trend and will be for a great deal of time as architects and interior designers are wanting to create a more sustainable and naturalistic environment. Vescom’s designers gathered inspiration for the two new vinyl wall coverings from natural materials such as wood, stone and earth.

vescom vinyl wall coverings

These two new vinyl wall coverings have a distinct look and feel which create a natural, earthy effect for any interior. Grayson has a coarse texture with a subtle sheen and was inspired by materials such as clay, stone and earth which has contributed to the colour range. The colour chart for Grayson features over 29 soft and warm colours that will give the room a natural feel. The second vinyl wall covering; Barkley has a weathered look and an organic ‘wood-like’ texture. Barkley features 24 natural shades which include caramel, honey and brick red and has a matte finish with a more subtle sheen which is perfect for hospitality and healthcare settings.

These vinyl wall coverings are perfect and suited to many different commercial, hospitality and health-care environments. They are long lasting, stylish and are easily cleaned and maintained. If you would to know more about Vescom’s products, please contact Ultimate to find out more!

Posted November 5, 2019

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