An acoustic revolution has occurred in recent years. Public awareness about the decisive impact that soundscapes have on our health, creativity and performance has grown dramatically. Workplaces and other interior environments are no longer only being designed to look good but to sound good, as well. At Abstracta, they know that sound matters and they’re in the business to design soundscapes that promote creativity, performance, job satisfaction and ultimately, well-being. They believe that soon, designing furniture and interiors not only for our eyes but for our ears will be the standard.

As a pioneer in the field of acoustics, Abstracta has embraced the growing interest in sound absorption and more efficient working environments.

Abstracta have been working to create better soundscapes since 1972, making them acoustic pioneers. Today, they offer a wide variety of solutions for different types of environments and requirements – from thoughtfully designed sound-absorbent screens and surfaces to innovative furniture with integrated acoustic characteristics. And in close cooperation with some of the world’s most influential contemporary designers, they are constantly exploring new ways to create better soundscapes.

Their furniture is manufactured in Sweden and their customers are located throughout the world. Their acoustic products are designed to be timeless and utilise high-quality materials to increase longevity. To facilitate circularity, all of their products are module-based meaning they’re easy to repair, easy to reuse and easy to recycle. This way, Abstracta contribute to a sustainable future.




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