Enhancing well-being, comfort, and productivity: AgileAcoustics leads the way in innovative acoustic design and transformation of work environments

AgileAcoustics is a leading company in the field of designing, creating, and installing innovative acoustic office pods, hanging screens, and cloud-shaped acoustic ceiling panels.

Located in the World Heritage site of Salts Mill in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, AgileAcoustics is dedicated to assisting businesses, public sector offices and organisations in transforming their work environments through imaginative acoustic design. The goal is to enhance well-being, comfort, and productivity. Right from the start, AgileAcoustics has actively promoted ‘agile working,’ an approach that encourages employees to complete projects in their preferred manner and location, using acoustic products that provide maximum flexibility and minimal constraints.

The diverse range of office pods, screens, and panels offered by AgileAcoustics aims to minimise noise and reverberation while revitalising offices, public sector workspaces, and educational settings. Their inclusive and accessible acoustic office pods are instrumental in transforming work environments by offering private, portable spaces for work, meetings, studying, or simply unwinding.

The AgileAcoustics team is adept at tackling challenging office layouts. Their expertise lies in crafting tailor-made acoustic solutions that seamlessly integrate with any space. Whether it’s fully accessible office pods of various sizes, acoustic panels, hanging screens, or ceiling clouds, AgileAcoustics deliver solutions designed to enhance and enrich workplaces.




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