As leaders in non-woven architectural textiles, Autex produce and supply a range of acoustic interior pieces for walls and ceilings to create a better built environment. Their catalogue is diverse and offers aesthetically designed sound solutions from insulation to acoustic panels for consumer, commercial and industrial markets across the world. Their product range is made from 100% polyester which absorbs sound at a variety of frequencies and controls reverberation, enhancing speech clarity in the intended environment. Their zero-waste process, including a high percentage use of recycled fibres derived from post-consumer plastic bottles, has been awarded numerous environmental certifications.

Autex is a leader in non-woven architectural textiles, supplying an increasingly sophisticated range of acoustic products to the building industry

Autex are proud of their ability to customise any of their products or create a truly unique acoustic solution. Branded as ‘creating calm amongst chaos’, their patented Cascade hanging screens can be suspended or fixed to ceiling space to minimise background noise. Customisable, water-cut patterning allows line of sight to remain but with a visual sense of division.

With two design patents in place and in-house designers, Autex has turned non-woven textiles into an art form. Their success comes down to a combination of ambition, hard-won experience and constant innovation. As Autex celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, the company remains proudly family-owned and is as busy as ever with a string of next-generation product releases.




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