Brunner’s foundations were built on the notion of making the impossible possible. Their mission is to reimagine the concept of furniture whilst blending form and function with clean, linear designs. Intrigued by innovation, family-owned Brunner aim to constantly reinvent themselves and reimagine the concept of furniture. Their product line benefits from being anchored in German culture, rich in industrial history and manufacturing expertise. Securing clients such as Microsoft, Radisson Blu Hotels and German Red Cross, their products are utilised across the commercial space spectrum.

Brunner’s furniture is supposed to shift and redefine boundaries. For this they work tirelessly, incomparably and sometimes unconventionally.

To Brunner, form and function go hand in hand. They want their furniture to make a statement, without detracting from the effect of the surrounding architecture. With silhouettes reminiscent of their namesake, their A-Collection chairs and tables are designed to look just as good individually as they do in formation. This shape of frame merges harmoniously and discreetly with any environment.

Fascinated by the innovations the future might bring, Brunner employ a holistic approach to strategising sustainability, ensuring each product is designed with the careful use of resources in mind. Wherever possible, environmentally friendly materials and components are used whilst limited resources are handled carefully. Their aim is to consciously shape the future whilst ensuring their company’s values are preserved.




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