Recognising employees are the backbone of any organisation and their happiness to be key to success, BuzziSpace are leading the way for improved well-being at work. They create furniture, acoustic and lighting solutions that accommodate the demands of the changing workplace. With a commitment to quality design, they provide not only beautiful and straightforward designs, but products that serve a purpose. In a relentless pursuit of bettering the world through design, they provide the key building blocks needed to create well-balanced spaces to make professionals feel at home wherever they are.

BuzziSpace are leading the way for improved well-being at work with a mission to create happy and healthy workspaces.

Silence is not a luxury. From the very beginning, acoustics have been the driving force and their tried-and-true portfolio has undergone rigorous testing to deliver maximum performance with minimum visibility. Their first products came to life by using recycled and recyclable materials. BuzziSpace are conscious of their environmental impact and therefore collaborate to achieve continuous improvements in lowering their carbon footprint.

BuzziSpace combines aesthetics and noise reduction, thanks to the sound-absorbing materials used in their designs. While the story behind each of their facilities is unique, a common thread unites them: the ability to create quality products of the highest standards. Their numerous awards and partnerships with well-known designers demonstrates that innovation is the key to worldwide success.




  • Acoustics
  • Booths
  • Furniture
  • Partitioning
  • Panels
  • Lighting