Casala specialises in the production of stylish contract furniture that excels in both design and functionality. With their furniture they offer solutions for various spaces and occasions. “Design linked to Functionality” is deeply rooted within the DNA of their organisation and plays a major role in the design process, as well as working together with leading designers in their industry. More than a hundred years of experience in the furniture industry guarantees that Casala furniture also offers a lot of comfort and ease of use in addition to good design.

Alongside the good ergonomic and functional characteristics of their furniture, with Casala you are also opting for the acquisition of sustainable furniture.

Several product ranges within their collection already contain an exceptionally high content of recycled material, recognisable by the Casala Circular fingerprint. Within the Curvy and Feniks product families, a number of models are provided with a guaranteed return value offering a fixed residual value at the end of the usage cycle; the furniture is taken back by Casala and reused to the highest possible level.

Their goal in terms of the Circular Economy is simple but effective: successful corporate social responsibility with the focus on a sustainable world. They are constantly working on the optimisation and sustainability of their company processes, not just in the development and production phases of their furniture, but also in the recycling phase.




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