Established in Huddersfield in 1997, Connection is a British brand which has British manufacturing at its heart. They have grown from humble beginnings, having begun life with a small range of operator and task seating chairs. They have evolved into a large-scale designer and manufacturer of innovative and intelligent commercial furniture. Their customers needs are at the centre of everything that they do and as their needs and wants develop, they too move with the times to provide the same exceptional service across the board.

Connection design and manufacture innovative commercial furniture that adapts to the ever-changing ways in which people effectively work and learn.

Although known best for task seating chairs, Connection’s product portfolio is now incredibly diverse and has an increasing focus upon collaborative and agile working. One of their most important innovations to date is the ever-popular Rooms. Designed to create a sense of place in open space, Rooms is a free-standing internal meeting room available in an infinite number of configurations with all aspects customisable.

Their collections feature dynamic furniture solutions that are agile, intuitive and support the working practices for all sorts of environments. Connection understand that space is a critical asset. The way it’s defined influences physical and emotional attitude, creates culture and affects the productivity of those within it. Exactly why they build this philosophy into all of their thinking and all of their products.




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