Creatif believe people deserve the best environments for wellness, productivity and interaction at work. The need for space flexibility and acoustic comfort within buildings has never been greater. Open spaces, agile working environments, and the importance of making the best use of every square metre all mean that space flexibility is not only an advantage – it is essential. Together with space flexibility goes the need for comfort, and in particular, acoustic comfort. This is an aspect that is often overlooked at the design stage – but becomes painfully obvious when the area is in use.

Creatif’s mission is to shape the perfect workspace with pioneering products that provide flexibility and acoustic comfort.

With interactive surroundings comes the potential for noise disruption. The varying sound masking options in their Acoustif range include wall and ceiling panels, meeting booths and modular seating. Their Whisper panels can incorporate custom cut-out designs and consist of 100% compressed recycled polyester. Similarly, their Adaptif range is designed to counterbalance the cross-contamination of communication in an open plan office.

The inclusion of subtle space dividers offers privacy and easily reconfigurable zones in busy environments. In today’s multi-functional and ever-changing workplace, fixed walls are a constraint and partitions are quite literally barriers to collaboration. Constructif changes all that. Starting life as a shelving and storage system, Creatif’s modular system can be utilised as ‘Zoom room’s, wayfinding tools, workstations and tiered seating, to name a few.




  • Acoustic Panels
  • Acoustic Rafts
  • Moving Walls
  • Acoustic Baffles
  • Folding Walls
  • Modular Seating
  • Meeting Booths
  • Retractable Panels
  • Space Division
  • Modular Work Stations