Eborcraft specialise in the design and manufacture of contemporary modular furniture. Established in 1895, the company has consistently reinvented itself to keep pace with market changes. They remain a leader in the niche field of wood veneer furniture manufacture, from raw material to fully finished and assembled product. Eborcraft’s commitment to technological advances can be seen both in its factory equipment and in its products. They have embraced the digital age by developing a range of technological add-ons, such as wood veneered wall panelling with integrated audio-visual facilities and wire management systems with retractable power modules.

Eborcraft’s continuous growth after over 120 years is testament to their success in product innovation, customer service and technological advancement.

Product innovation, customer service and technological advancement are at the heart of Eborcraft’s long-standing reputation. Their purpose-built factory homes their investment into computer-aided design and manufacturing facilities. This has resulted not only in increased efficiency and superior quality control, but also in the company being able to offer bespoke variations of its standard modular office furniture to satisfy a broader range of customer specifications.

Their products suit a range of sectors from hospitality to education to commercial workplaces. And, as a major manufacturer of wood veneered office furniture, they combine an ethical responsibility with a commercial interest in ensuring the continuation of the world’s forests. Eborcraft’s continuous growth after over 120 years is a testament to their success in providing the highest level of customer service and quality of product.




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  • Storage
  • Screens
  • Room Dividers
  • Wall Panelling