Founded on a culture of continuous improvement since 1917, Fellowes strives to deliver best-in-class quality and performance in workspace solutions for business professionals.

The world recognises Fellowes as a thought leader and an innovator, offering an integrated portfolio of Monitor Arms and accessories for the modern office.

Our core principles of world-class innovation, exceptional product quality, and attentive customer service has brought Fellowes global recognition.

Dynamic elegance is not typically a phrase used to describe monitor arms, but we thought it should be.

While some look upon monitor arms as purely functional necessities, Fellowes recognised that the monitor arm is one of the most viewed objects of the entire office, due to its placement towards the rear of the desk. So that’s a good enough reason to make sure it’s a work of art.

Designed with sophistication and elegance from the inside out, Fellowes redefines the monitor arm as a piece of functional beauty.

We have nurtured an internal team of talented designers and engineers and reached out to an international roster of designers who work with us to push the boundaries of design. As a result, Fellowes workspace solutions can complement your unique work culture and workspace.




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