Haiken are a design led company who are committed to changing the way we think about – and use – the furniture that we spend much of our lives in. Constantly looking to create solutions, fill niches and delight the end user, they are dedicated to bringing the best furniture to the marketplace. They work in a collaborative way with their clients to advise and empower whilst equipping designers with the tools they need to ensure they are crafting the best working environment possible.

Haiken are changing the way we think about – and use – the furniture we spend most of our lives in.

Available in either single or double occupancy, their acoustic Sett pods create an isolated space to hold small meetings, discussions or phone calls, as well as an environment that can be utilised as a focus zone. Made from carefully selected materials, they offer optimum sound absorption and are fully demountable, providing ultimate flexibility for changing workplace needs.

Haiken believe in giving back to the environment, so all their products are made with careful attention to design, efficiency, and with thoughtful material sources. By designing their furniture pieces to be long-wearing and high-quality, they help eliminate waste. Each furniture piece must pass rigorous tests to secure its place in their collection – from workstations to task seating to focus pods, and everything in between.




  • Furniture
  • Screens
  • Planters
  • Acoustics