Icons of Denmark

Icons of Denmark is a Danish furniture company with a mission to enrich people’s lives at work. Over the past decade, they have worked with new and established designers from an array of different disciplines, all with the ambition to create furniture that is inviting, functional and builds an emotional connection with its users. Their range of products are based on creating solutions to common interior design challenges and address the need for furniture that doesn’t compromise on function and quality.

Icons of Denmark is a furniture company with a mission: to enrich people’s lives at work.

To support the local economy of their origins, all of their furniture is made in Denmark. This keeps them close to the source allowing for immense flexibility and knowledge. Icons put the end user at the centre of their design phase, enabling them to create products that display a homely aesthetic whilst adapting to changing needs and experiences found in the workplace.

With teams in London and Copenhagen, they’ve grown an international outlook on the workplace. By way of the Danish Design philosophy of minimalism and simplicity, their products compliment the varied world of work and support its evolving activities and behaviours. Aware that different activities demand settings to reflect, their approach ensures they are committed to adapting based on the insight they receive.




  • Furniture
  • Storage
  • Booths
  • Room Dividers