Johanson have reached an international audience by focusing on Scandinavian design and sterling furniture craftsmanship, making commercial and public interiors worldwide their home territory. Adaptation and expandability in all spatial dimensions is their basic principle alongside an awareness that working spaces are in a constant state of change. Trends and individual preferences evolve regularly and things come and go, whether it is as a result of technological innovations, growing needs or a pending move. Johanson believe that furnishings which can move and grow with you, and take on new roles, are a prerequisite.

Modern, timeless design with Scandinavian clean lines: Johanson.

Growing demand and the design of more flexible and sustainable working environments call for a whole new kind of capability in office furnishings. Johanson collaborate with a number of Europe’s foremost designers and continually strive to challenge themselves in product development, design, materials and technology. Their designers’ ideas in combination with their local craftsmanship traditions give Johanson’s products a very special style and feeling.

Working with fabrics from the world’s most prestigious suppliers, Johanson boast an extensive offering of over 500 upholstery variations. Their felt material comprises of recycled PET bottles and their Pelican chair was the first EU Ecolabelled chair in Sweden. Johanson’s ethos is to create versatile and sustainable furniture solutions that become a permanent companion in times of corporate change.




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