Luxy believe in elegance, in the Italian craftsmanship tradition and in the quality of their products to offer you maximum comfort. Luxy love to experiment with new ideas in search of new frontiers of comfort and design, and thanks to their solid technological know-how and experience they produce office furniture that are symbols of the “Made in Italy” stamp. Their products are the result of a creative process that combines the ingenuity, skills, and passion of a territorial context where craftsmanship is synonymous with excellence.

Luxy produce technological, comfortable, modern, and safe products, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

From a small artisan workshop producing seats for another business to a company internationally renowned, Luxy are constantly evolving and always gazing at the future, continuously looking for new ideas to satisfy every need. Their avant-garde vision has made them a dynamic company with a global reach, leading them to collaborate with internationally renowned designers.

They combine tradition with innovative research, applying new technologies and developing the skills of centuries in leather and fabric processing, as well as using the engineering skills derived from their region. Their artisan products are not only a symbol of Italian manufacturing, but also of the continuous industrial evolution that has always characterised their home.




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