Magnus Olesen

Magnus Olesen A/S develops and manufactures high quality furniture in cooperation with today’s leading designers and architects. The result is a functional aesthetic and unique design that enhances the spaces where it’s placed – whether it’s in smaller interiors or for large conceptual architectural purposes. They have built an extensive portfolio of both Danish classics as well as contemporary designs from lounge chairs to brunch tables to bar stools.

Magnus Olesen produce furniture with a functional aesthetic and unique Danish design that enhances the spaces where it’s placed.

In cooperation with leading designers their ambition is to create unique products, meeting the users’ needs and wishes and at the same time making a difference, visibly and elegantly. The result is an expressive and flexible design range with independent product series, making it possible to find solutions for all interior design purposes in a coherent concept.

They work with the circular economy, both in relation to the development of new products and previously delivered products, where spare parts can be replaced and subsequently upgraded. All new products developed by Magnus Olesen can be disassembled and spare parts can be purchased for where required. This initiative provides a better product with a longer lifespan.




  • Furniture