Offecct create unique furniture that contributes to better meetings between people. The world is full of products, and they don’t want to contribute to the excess unless the furniture they make can in some way add genuine value to people, architecture and society. They are convinced that design can contribute to a peaceful mind and increase our creativity which leads to better meetings between people. That is why they observe how habits change and together with architects and designers from different parts of the world, they exchange ideas and experiences in order to create unique furniture.

Together with selected architects and designers Offecct offer innovative design on the planet’s terms with focus on people, architecture, high quality and sustainability.

From acoustic panels to modern ottomans to sofa systems, their products are designed to meet the dual needs of comfort and function. Their O2asis range brings biophilia into office environments and can either open spaces or create spatiality. Vegetation is part of the furniture in Green Islands, which offer a relaxing refuge and invites a moment of contemplation or quiet conversation.

To achieve a combination of functionality and beauty, they explore new materials and techniques with methods that are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. Their design philosophy may be global, but they achieve world-class quality by ensuring that their entire process takes place locally. Offecct’s collection is created to meet the need of and demands for functional and beautiful design, today, tomorrow and hereafter.




  • Furniture
  • Acoustics
  • Panels
  • Partitioning
  • Planters

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