Steelcase brand partner Officebricks offer a range of acoustic pods that provide workers with the privacy they crave. Their complete plug-and-play modular systems are quick to assemble and dismantle, allowing for easy reconfiguration or relocation in the office environment. Their top-level sound insulation and absorption along with an aesthetically pleasing design creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for concentration. Similarly, their On Air sign indicates to the external office when a unit is in use, ensuring privacy is maintained.

Officebricks Acoustic Pods provide workers with the privacy they crave. This modular system offers top-level sound insulation in an inviting atmosphere.

Made of laminated safety glass and a clever brick system, Officebricks Acoustic Pods provide two-way sound insulation. Sound outside of the pod remains outside, while conversations inside the pod stay private. A low-noise ventilation system ensures a healthy climate and pleasant atmosphere without diminishing the acoustic comfort. Their pods are equipped with high-quality, integrated electrics and are simply connected via an external cable outlet.

Their spacious Conference Unit can house up to six persons and can be specified with a media wall, making it ideal for meetings or video conferences. Barrier free access is possible with an optional add-on ramp to ensure accessibility for all. Their Phone Unit creates the perfect place for private calls or a quiet place to rejuvenate away from an open-plan environment.




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