Punt means “point”, the point where pen meets paper, the point that will become a line; a design; a creation. It is the starting point of an enthralling journey with infinite possibilities where the only goal is to create beauty. Taking inspiration from Northern Europe and their Mediterranean neighbours in Italy, their pieces have a distinctive and artistic identity. Aware that offices have evolved to be creative spaces offering environments for communicating, inspiring, teaching and leading, their contemporary products are designed to provide multiple uses.

Punt produces and designs contemporary furniture for offices around the globe.

Designed in Punt’s early years, their La Literatura shelving units are already considered a contemporary classic of the 20th century and feature in several museums. Its height adjustable shelves were conceived to provide a solution to different storage needs. Their remodelled OPEN variation of this distinctive design can also be utilised as a room partition.

To ensure longevity and durability, Punt work with the highest level of quality and design, mostly with recycled and recyclable materials. Their products almost exclusively consist of wood, steel, aluminium and glass and they specialise in natural wood veneered board. Working solely with FSC certified suppliers guarantees that their products proceed from well managed forests that bring environmental, social and economic benefits.




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