Rexite creates timeless classics for home and work environments. They immediately attracted an audience who love the Made in Italy stamp for its design originality, the care of the materials and the functional efficiency of its products. Appreciated across the world, today the Rexite collections include chairs, tables, coat racks, modular systems and much more.

Rexite encourage the unexpected, without neglecting the functional value, design and attention to detail, to create timeless classics.

From the heart of Milan, the world capital of design, Rexite think, manufacture, produce and distribute. Their initial vocation, to encourage the unexpected without neglecting the functional value, continues to express the company’s philosophy – to create objects that are simple but not trivial, original but not bizarre.

Rexite has always been attentive to the environmental impact that its production activity has. Their diverse collections stand out, down to their rigorous design, high quality materials and eco-friendly technology. Sustainability has become an essential strategy of their everyday life: less waste, more efficiency, and more respect for the environment.




  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Desktop Sets
  • Modular Systems
  • Wastebaskets