The Sedus brand is synonymous with innovation, technology and aesthetics, paying particular attention to current trends and changes in the office world. They supply concepts, designs and products for entire organisations; from reception areas to individual, combined and open-plan offices, right up to executive suites. As office furniture specialists and technological pioneers, they have continually raised the bar, across all areas of ergonomics, design, and sustainability. Sedus have continually developed industry standards that have gained worldwide recognition.

Sedus are leading full-service suppliers and technological pioneers of office equipment and workplace concepts.

Uniquely to their industry, Sedus has always had a strong philanthropic background with a specific focus on employee health and wellbeing. They also pay particular attention to current trends and changes in the office world. New ways of working and organisational structures demand flexible and aesthetically pleasing furniture along with bespoke solutions designed to promote communication and movement.

Sedus believe anyone who spends most of their worktime in a seated position should at least sit as healthily as possible, since this is the only way for people to work productively. Sedus can help you make truly future-proof investments for working and learning environments alike, safe in the knowledge their products and working methods are thoroughly tested by their developers and staff.




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