Senator design and manufacture innovative furniture with an ethos founded on understanding the workplace in all its variations, and how people use and occupy the space. To stay ahead of these ever-evolving dynamics, they combine their own knowledge with the insights of workplace consultants, academics and analysts. Their inclination to try new things means they provide a constant stream of innovation – in product design, workspace paling, service, sustainability and more. The results of this approach can be seen all over the world.

Senator design and manufacture great furniture to a simple formula – making sure what you need and what they do are perfectly aligned.

Through their brands, they offer a great deal of choice for corporate, hospitality and leisure, education and training, Government and healthcare. Their products offer a multitude of choice for large and small offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, breakout areas, boardrooms and conference or training facilities. Innovation is not only in their products, it is in their design, manufacture and services and they constantly look to enhance and improve.

To reduce their impact on the environment, Senator opened a new division of their business called Sustain. Here they take disused materials, packaging and redundant furniture from their own customers, as well as their competitors, and recycle them to ensure nothing goes to landfill. Sustain also runs a remanufacturing service where old furniture can have broken parts replaced or repaired and be recovered to make them like-new.




  • Furniture
  • Pods
  • Booths
  • Storage