Founded with the purpose of reusing waste from the exhibition flooring industry, Soundtect offer a sound solution to bypassing landfill. Their acoustic solutions are third generation products which began life as plastic bottles. The PET bottles are firstly turned into exhibition carpets for events around the world, but once that short-term lifespan is over, Soundtect takes the waste product back again and carefully re-layers the carpet fibres to create highly-efficient acoustic felt panels. Built firmly on the very foundations of the circular economy, their products contain up to 70% recycled content.

Soundtect’s acoustic panels can help to address the issue of reverberation, reducing unwanted noise and improving sound privacy.

Their panels are used in corporate, educational, leisure and healthcare environments to improve sound quality and privacy. This boosts engagement and productivity in offices and educational environments, increases enjoyment levels in restaurants and hotels, and speeds up recovery in hospitals. Soundtect panels can be unobtrusive, quietly getting on with the business of absorbing sound, or be the centre of attention and a real talking point.

Ensuring the highest level of quality and safety, Soundtects panels are continually tested to British and European standards for both fire and acoustics. Similarly, their products contain very few allergens and are therefore hypoallergenic as well as non-toxic. Together with their impeccable environmental credentials, this gives organisations complete confidence when specifying and installing them in a wide variety of environments.




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