The Meeting Pod Co

The Meeting Pod Co, an award-winning family run business, manufactures and sells a range of Indoor and Outdoor Office Pods to provide meeting space and breakout areas for office, commercial, healthcare and educational workplaces or campuses.

Manufactured on the Isle of Wight, from a range of recycled materials, our 4-person meeting and outdoor pods are made up from around 1800 plastic bottle tops. All aspects of our manufacturing continuously evolve to minimise negative environmental impact.

Modern office environments are changing to attract and retain the best people. Employers must now provide engaging open plan spaces combined with funky breakout and agile working areas. Our office pods are dynamic in style, exceptional in quality and deliver a purpose that is now aligned to the new ways we want to meet, work and learn.

Providing a variety of internal and external products, we want to transform workplaces from inside to out, creating inspiring and self-motivating spaces.