William Hands

Williams Hands is an established British designer and manufacturer of high quality, dynamic commercial furniture for the workplace. They employ a passionate, dedicated team of designers, craftsmen and client facing individuals, committed to producing sustainable furniture that delivers incredible value and is made to exceed client expectation. They have a hard-earned reputation for creating beautiful statement pieces designed to inspire.

William Hands furniture showcases innovative design, premium quality craftsmanship and sustainability.

Their product line of seating, tables, height-adjustable desks and storage and media walls reflect their ethos that the power of a beautiful piece of furniture should never be underestimated. Their team helps bring your concept through to reality and their pieces can change the atmosphere of an entire room, define entire spaces and empower people.

William Hands’ care and concern for the environment is woven into the fabric of their company’s DNA and forms a huge part of every decision they make. From logistics, to product development to servicing the market, they are committed to constantly finding new ways to improve efficiency, sustainability and innovative new ways to safeguard the environment.




  • Furniture
  • Storage
  • Media Hubs