Workstories design, source, and produce furniture that meets current needs in the real world. Working closely with their network of dealers, they enable every workspace to become a story of success. They apply their market insights to provide quality furniture that captures the very latest workspace design trends, with options to suit all budgets. In close collaboration with architects and designers, they apply their creative expertise to configure and adapt their products to meet specific workspace needs.

Workstories design, source and produce furniture for today’s workspaces and together they write new work stories, one by one.

Workstories believe every individual workspace should be tailored to the people, culture and activities that it supports – from individual workstations to large corporate complexes. They produce design-led products from seating to tables to a range of accessories such as cable management systems. Their six brands – Bestuhl, m.a.d., Albion, United Strangers, Atelier and Sourcetec – were carefully curated to create flexible, affordable and quality commercial furniture.

Whether you require work café bench systems, relaxed yet elegant lounge seating, stylish coffee tables or adjustable and ergonomic task seating, Workstories source and produce all of this and more. Their fresh, design-led products are high quality and accessible to a range of different budgets and projects sizes. Together, their team write new work stories one by one.




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