CEG Altrincham Business Park

CEG, one of Ultimate’s long-standing clients, entrusted us with the comprehensive task of fitting out and furnishing three new office spaces on the ground floor of Altrincham Business Park in South Manchester. This project encompassed the removal of all existing amenities and the installation of new Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) systems and air conditioning. In keeping with CEG’s commitment to sustainability, we maintained a strong focus on creating an ideal environment for businesses to thrive.

Our fit-out efforts included the installation of busbar systems within a raised access floor, simplifying power distribution while also making it more cost-effective and adaptable. Additionally, we implemented a new fire protection system and removed all exisiting ceiling grids and tiles to replace them with new to the existing solid walls. The introduction of crittall glazing created intriguing new office spaces, complemented by wall decorations to enhance the overall ambiance.

Tea points were established, featuring subtle pops of colour and tiling, while new flooring extended throughout the office areas and the entrance foyer, accompanied by fresh entrance matting. The exposed ceiling design imparted an industrial aesthetic, illuminated by strip lighting to create a bright and airy atmosphere.

Ultimate’s role extended to the installation of new furniture, including Steelcase desks and Series 1 ergonomic office chairs in a monochrome colour scheme. To inject vibrancy into the new office spaces, soft seating was introduced in meeting rooms, and touches of biophilia were incorporated to promote well-being.