International Law Firm

An International Law Firm agreed a 10-year lease with Northumberland Estates for the Quayside House premises, taking 7000sqft on the first floor of the building. The interior design scheme provided by Workplace Design in London highlights the front elevation of the space overlooking the River Tyne and the Quayside given to a spacious rest and collaboration space for staff.

The creative touches continue into the rest of the floor with photographic wallcoverings, feature slat walling, accent carpet areas, meeting rooms, informal waiting and meeting space and LED pendant lighting.

Glazed meeting rooms benefit and continue the theme of LED pendant lighting, with the added benefit of acoustic wall panels and the latest technology to keep in touch with colleagues and clients round the globe.

A blend of dining and soft seating areas with ample refreshment stations combine with feature wallcoverings, flooring and LED pendant lighting to give a unique and modern vibe. The furniture completes the scheme with task seating, bench desking, single person pods, and central hot-desk area with independent task lighting.



7,000 sq ft