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college lounge furniture

Thanks to the versatility and range of the products we’re able to supply, we can provide furnishing for any style of university lounge, from large social spaces in contemporary architecture, through to providing unique pieces for listed buildings.

Because we work with some of the leading international brands in their fields, we can bring you stunning design, with functionality, flexibility, comfort, style and the latest in ergonomic technology for your space. We can offer products from award winning furniture creators, along with modern decorative fittings for walls ceilings and flooring.

Our skilful team work closely with design and architecture teams in order to ensure we find the best solution for different spaces. Our team has extensive experience in fitting out college and university buildings, whether it’s a complete overhaul of the facilities and presentation of a space, or simply the introduction of a few pieces of furniture, designed to make a significant difference.

One of the chief considerations for many colleges is ensuring that their working and social spaces are appealing environments for their potential students to use. With modern stylish furnishing options and a team of designers who have an eye for sourcing the best new products and ideas, we can create stunning spaces which have the right appeal for those who will be using your facilities. Project the qualities of your organisation with thoughtful design, including the opportunity for bespoke pieces and inventive choices of furnishings and colour.

college lounge furniture

Solutions from respected international brands

The range we can offer includes soft seating, swivel chairs, desks, tables and innovative new furniture options such as pods. From inventive Californian based furniture developers Spacestor, we can provide several options for pod seating, which include the Railway Carriage and the Phonebooth. These are reflective of a shift in the way people are using working space, whether it’s in an office or in an educational organisation.

These pods allow for private use of space within a larger open plan space, such as a college lounge. Whether for meetings of groups, independent concentrated work or private phone calls, these offer a great way to partition space in a way that’s practical and also appealingly designed and adds some contemporary visual interest. They’re also available with optional extra features such as integrated screens and Bluetooth speakers.

When it comes to more traditional options for seating, our team can source state of the art ergonomic and soft seating for lounge spaces. For those who sit at desks or using computers and laptops for longer study periods, we work with a number of market leaders in professional seating. We can provide swivel chairs designed to offer maximum support across a number of different postures, improving comfort and well being for users. After extensive research, many of the brands we work with have devised solutions which encourage particular variations in movement and behaviour whilst sitting. This improves circulation and reduces the strain created by long periods in one position.

With flooring, glass partitioning and ceiling installation solutions which offer impressive acoustic properties, we’re also able to improve the level of ambient noise in different spaces across colleges and universities. This has been shown to improve concentration and makes social spaces more pleasant to use.
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For more information about the services we can offer to educational organisations or to see some case study examples of the work we’ve undertaken for clients previously, please browse through our site. Alternatively, speak to one of team today who’ll be happy to advise.