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Connection design and manufacture a range of stunning contemporary commercial furniture and are one of our suppliers. We love Connection’s latest blog on ‘5 reasons why your business should have a workplace café’ which explains the benefits of staff café as a proven way of ‘providing a well-designed and stimulating environment for people to work in.’

Connection’s blog quotes Dr Ben Waber, CEO of Sociometric Solutions, a workplace consulting firm: “In general, when we look at what makes people happy and effective at work, it is being able to spend time with a close group of people; well-designed beverage areas are a surprisingly important contributor to productivity.”

Well-designed beverage areas are a surprisingly important contributor to productivity

According to Connection, a workplace café proves to be an excellent means for a business to “express its personality through the design and the facilities that are on offer.” At Ultimate Office Solutions we’re well aware of the continuing trend for businesses to provide flexible working and many workers now have a preferred brand of coffee that they’ll buy on the way to work. Many workers are more ‘immersed’ in the brand image of their favourite coffee shop rather than their employer and replicating this loyalty is crucial for business success.

Connection’s second reason is that a workplace café can be an excellent way to encourage the exchange of ideas, social interaction between different departments which will in turn lead to a sense of community. This is often followed by improvements in productivity and we agree with Connection when they say that sitting in a different environment from the office, such as a café, can lead to more ‘light-bulb moments’, leaving employees refreshed and re-energised.

A workplace café can also be an important way to reduce employee stress. When workers have access to improved on-site facilities, they are more likely to take a lunch break as they feel that they have time for grab a bite to eat or have a cup of coffee, rather than having to leave the building to find food for lunch or a snack. It goes without saying that workplace cafés also make great places for people to meet, relax and talk through problems.

Finally, by offering a range of healthy meals and snacks, a workplace café can be a great way to promote a healthy diet, whilst discouraging people from eating at their desks!
Connection has just launched a stunning range of stylish café furniture – to see the new range and to read their blog, please visit their website.

At Ultimate Office Solutions we specialise in the design and fit out of cafes, canteens and staff break out areas – if you’d like further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Posted November 20, 2013

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