How to create the most productive home office




Your workspace has a direct impact on your success and productivity, so let’s make sure your home office is up to scratch.

Working from home isn’t as simple as settling down on your sofa with a laptop on your knees, you need to carve out a dedicated area for work, complete with the correct desk and chair. Here’s how you’ll do it…

Sit Comfortably


When you suffer, so does your work – that’s why your chair is the most important piece of furniture in your home office. The longer you intend to sit in it, the more customisable your new office chair should be. An ergonomic chair that supports your back and improves your posture will help you to main focus and concentration. Pick up a model that you can customise to suit you, from adjusting the height to keep your feet flat on the floor, to the recline and arm rests.

Choose stylish office furniture from Elite, pick stylish two-tone or felt tub chairs from Nomique Seating or tell us precisely what you’re after – so we can shortlist some options for your home office.

Colour the Walls

Wallpapering your walls or giving them a lick of paint is not frivolous, shades of blue promote intellectual thought and green alleviate stress – which can come in handy while you’re working from home. And one of the joys of working away from a professional office is that you can decorate it precisely how you like. So go forth and do it.


Grow House Plants

Aside from improving the air quality in your little office, plants bust stress, boost morale and help you relax – NASA proved it. So pop a few succulents or fresh-cut flowers on your desk, or a houseplant in the corner of your room. Anything from floral Jasmine blossoms to cacti, real or fake, so long as it’s green and natural looking.

Declutter for Piece of Mind

Organisation is key to success. So long as you keep the things you use most often at arm’s length, ready for action, the rest needs storing in pedestals, drawers or filing cabinets. This will streamline your work, with fewer distractions, more space on your desk and less time wasted digging through piles of paper work. Try a filing cabinet from Knoll.


Create a Free-Thinking Space

Creating a comfy area to relax and think away from your computer screen is as easy as putting a tub chair or sofa in the corner of your home office. A space where you can read or brainstorm creatively and enjoy a change of scenery.

Get Creative with Your Desk

Go for a statement piece that matches your style and existing furniture or something less traditional like a standing desk. So long as you actually have a desk at home, you can chose what you like. If you’re short on space or your room doubles up as something else when you’re done working, then a desk that you can store away may be your best option.

Position your desk near the window to maximise your exposure to morale-boosting natural light, or even at a right angle in the corner of your room, you do not have to face the boring wall – which can, in fact dent your productivity.

Crank the Tunes Up

Whether you use it to block noise when your family are home or to make repetitive tasks more enjoyable. Music can relieve stress and improve concentration. Stick to songs you already know and love, or listen to natural sounds like flowing water or tracks without lyrics.

Spritz Productivity Boosting Smells

Cinnamon, mint, lemon, orange and rosemary scents boost productivity, so harness their power in the workplace with the occasional spritz of essential oil. Working from home you can light scented candles if you want to – which could never happen in a traditional office. When deadlines roll around, remember that aroma-therapists use lavender to calm and relieve stress.

With these top tips you’ll soon be on a productivity roll! For a helping hand and advice regarding your home office, or any other project, get in touch today.

Posted September 6, 2016

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