Eating at Your Desk – Foods to Increase Productivity at Work




Recent research has suggested foods which can actually help improve your performance at work! Do you find yourself struggling to keep motivated after lunch? Low energy at work can affect things from motivation to mood and your productivity. Refined carbohydrates like bread and pasta and sugary snack such as biscuits can leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy not great in the workplace.

Nutritionist Frida Harju recommends the below alternatives to help keep you motivated throughout the day:


Blueberries – A superfood which can combat memory loss and enhance your mood.

Pumpkin Seeds – A handful of pumpkin seeds a day provides your recommended daily amount of zinc, which increases brain power and enhances memory and focus.

Tomatoes – They contain an antioxidant lycopene which prevents radicals from damaging brain cells. Avoiding cell damage means attention span, memory and problem solving skills are preserved and even enhanced!

Green Tea – Contains less caffeine than coffee but still acts as a mild stimulant and contains antioxidants.

Walnuts – The British Journal of Nutrition recommends students eat a handful of walnuts before an exam as they improve inferential reasoning skills.

Chickpeas – They contain magnesium which speeds up the message transmission between brain cells and helps to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Marmite – Contains B vitamins which aid energy production and brain function.

Almonds – They contain essential fatty acids which help reduce inflammation in joints and improving mood.

Dark Chocolate – Good news, it contains magnesium which helps release endorphins and serotonin which allow you to destress. A small amount can also boost your focus, it also contains caffeine to give you a short term boost.


So next time you reach for a sugary treat at work maybe try one of these instead!


Posted September 29, 2015

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