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Here at Ultimate, supplying furniture to the education sector has been a specialism of ours for over 10 years now. We have a track record of sourcing superbly manufactured furnishings that are perfect for use in different educational settings, from schools to higher education.

Because of the broad variety of both buildings and subjects in the sector, our network of manufacturers, designers and architects have a wide range of industry knowledge and know how with a versatile and responsive approach to tackling even complex briefs.

We’ve provided high quality furniture to a varied selection of different establishments and course subjects, including hair and beauty, performing arts, accountancy, catering and law. We recognise the importance of durability and flexibility in the materials we provide. Because of the build quality of the furniture we supply, you know it will last through the stresses and strains of regular school or college use.

Experts in professional installations and fittings

The skills and expertise which our team have honed from office and leisure fit out greatly complement our work in fitting out schools and colleges. We keep on top of the latest trends in technology and data access meaning we’re able to offer our clients solutions that will last into the future. Because of our background in fitting out hotel and other leisure, catering and hospitality facilities, we’ve got an appreciation for the installation of less conventional educational fittings for specialist subjects, combining the quality of fittings and instalment with an eye for complementary design and attractive working and learning spaces.

This ranges from water fittings to the creation of private working booths, with distinctive contemporary design possibilities from the evolving office culture of the American West Coast, with suppliers such as Spacestor amongst other respected names in professional furniture.

college fit out

Especially in larger open areas of education facilities, controlling ambient noise is an important feature of allowing students to function at their best. We have a superb range of options that can be introduced if necessary in order to aid in controlling noise. With a selection of carpeting and partitioning solutions that are measured and tested in order to ensure effectiveness. In addition, for larger spaces, we can introduce innovative ceiling and wall installations which have been carefully developed to absorb sound rather than reflecting noise like harder more resonant surfaces. With concentration and performance strongly linked to managed sound levels, these can be influential features of any learning space.

Ergonomic Furniture Options

Ultimate are experts on furniture options that are perfect for educational environments. For those who are seated for longer periods, offering seating which is comfortable and provides the necessary level of support is important for the well being of students, as well as creating the conditions for concentration. Because of the international leading manufacturers and developers that we work along side, we have access to the latest in ergonomic innovation. With chairs and seating that encourage subtle movement in the calves as well as providing proper lumbar support in a variety of different postures. These are necessary factors in ergonomic performance and in allowing users to sit for longer periods without the distractions of discomfort. With solutions from the likes of Nomique, Senator, Steelcase and Sedus amongst many other superb suppliers, we can bring the very best in versatile and comfortable seating at competitive prices.

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For more information about our furniture options, both fitted and loose, why not get in touch with our team who’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for your project. Or, have a browse of our blog section or case studies to see some working examples of refurbishment projects we’ve undertaken in education facilities.