Ergonomic Office Furniture

The importance of office furniture often goes overlooked. Not just in terms of s style and how the general opinion is that office furniture should be substance over style, but its comfort and support is often grossly overlooked. We often spend more hours sat in these chairs than any other chair we use, so why is ergonomic office furniture so blatantly undervalued? Well, here at Ultimate Group, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers have an expansive range of ergonomic office furniture to choose from. Whether you require desks, chairs, communal furniture or anything in-between – we have the answer.

Ergonomic office furniture from Ultimate Group

Office furniture which is adjustable, provides support for its user and makes great use of valuable office floorspace can be difficult to find, especially when you’re restricted by budget. Whether you are an established company in need of upgrading some tired chairs or outdated desks, or whether you are having a total office fit out and have the opportunity to update furniture – your employee’s comfort should be paramount importance.

Here at Ultimate Group, our expertise spans fixtures and equipment procurement, furniture supply and fit out services for many different industries, though we consider ourselves office furniture specialists. The purchasing connections we have made within the ergonomic office furniture industry allow us to offer our customers the most innovative, attractive and competitively priced furniture on the market.

We are lucky enough to work alongside reputable brands who offer ergonomically focussed office chairs such as Comfort Workspace, Flokk and Nomique. Space saving solutions from Spacestor and innovative partitioning methods from Style: Moveable Partition Specialists. Whatever your office project requires, Ultimate have the industry contacts to ensure your office project is bursting with the best ergonomic furniture in the industry.

Ergonomic Office Furniture
Ergonomic Furniture for the office
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What to look for from your ergonomic office furniture

The overall style of office furniture is, quite rightly, often a focal point for a new office fit out project. With many designers and project-managers striving to create hyper-modern office spaces that are a cut above the rest. And whilst style is most definitely important, so is comfort and support, which is what we refer to when we speak about ergonomic office furniture. There are important features that define a supportive chair for instance, and a relationship to be had between chair and desk in order to optimise comfort for your employees.

There is an increasing need for office spaces to be adaptable spaces, the same rule applies for the furniture within those spaces. With evidence regarding the impact that sitting for long periods has on health, is it not reasonable to expect furniture to minimise these effects by being fully adjustable? Fully adjustable office seating enables the user to find exactly the right seating position to ensure comfort, this includes adjustable height, back support and arm rests.

The relation of your seating position to your desk height plays a huge role in minimising upper back and neck pain, as looking down at a computer screen can encourage injuries within the neck. Ergonomic office furniture helps to minimise the chance of developing these sorts of injuries.

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So if you have any questions at all, whether about brands, styling or for a quote – get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team and see how Ultimate Group can help you fill your office with the very best furniture no the market.

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