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Steelcase Office Chair

Whatever office chair you choose and whatever the price, it needs to help you move freely and sit comfortably.

We’ve explored some of the associated health risks of poor posture and sitting for extended periods of time on the blog previously, but with so many office chairs on the market ranging in price it can be difficult to know which will be the most suitable for your unique seating requirements.

Like any investment, you want to get it right first time. That’s why we’ve put together this handy little guide for features to look out for when buying a new office chair. As a general rule, the more hours you spend in the chair the more adjustable it needs to be.




Height & Swivel Adjustment

Recommended if you’re going to be sat for a couple of hours a day. The swivel function allows you to reach other areas of your desk without twisting your back out of position. The height adjustment allows you to rest your feet flat on the floor, relieving pressure from your thighs.


If you’re sitting for prolonged periods of time, look out for a chair made with a permeable material to prevent the build-up of heat and allow the flow of air.

Lumbar Support & Armrests

Necessary to help you retain your backs natural s-shape, thus minimising the pressure on the base of your spine. Look for a chair with these ergonomic considerations if you are going to be seated for up to four hours a day.

Tilt Adjustment

Synchro-tilt is a feature that allows the chair back and seat to tilt simultaneously. It is designed to give your back a comfortable stretch when you have been seated for a long period of time.

Seat Depth Adjustment

Ideal if you spend more than four hours at a desk. This sliding mechanism allows you to sit with your back firmly against the lumbar support. There should also be a space of about 5-10cm between your knees and the front of the chair.

Dynamic Movement

The best chairs are designed to allow movement as you sit, helping to improve posture, core stability and blood circulation. These top of the range models automatically adjust as you do and offer the most advanced support.


Here at Ultimate we work with suppliers of some of the world’s leading office furniture from the likes of Mesh Office Seating, Mobili and Steelcase to name just a few.

Whether you require a single item of loose office furniture, or a complete bespoke interior fit out we’d love to hear from you.

Posted August 18, 2015

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